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trade-ins, ad-placing, condition reports or PDI inspections.

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Inspect wherever you are

The Blue Inspect app is designed to carry out inspections, on any type of asset, anywhere in the world, by anyone you assign the inspection to. In combination with the Template Builder you’re able to select one of our basic inspection templates or create an inspection template yourself.

For every asset type you trust on our guidance or decides yourself what needs to be inspected, which could be a state, a percentage, text an image or a video; you’re in control.


Gathering data the structured way

The Remarketing App allows you to make well-considered decisions during the for example a Trade-in Process where you can rely more relevant information like images, videos, and other machine information. With having all information flowing into one solution it should give you the perfect setting of getting a better understanding.

The challenging times during the COVID-19 pandemic increased the number of inspections performed by our customers and their potential customers tremendously by still as much information as possible, by not being able to travel. Buyers and sellers inspected equipment everywhere in the world.


Blue Inspect smart features

To make our applications smarter, quicker and more reliable, Blue Inspect solutions use Artificial Intelligence. One prominent application of AI is to verify if the actual location of where the inspection is done is the same as the expected location.

Our software is able to make itself even smarter due to continuous improvement. AI anables our software to recognise which part of the asset is being inspected to suggest what to focus on or what options/accessories could be equipped, possibly even recognising missing items or spot damages.


Use Cases for the Remarketing App

When selling equipment as-is-where-is, the inspection app needs to work optimal, as well online and offlne, even in difficult and remote locations.

When equipment needs to be inspected or trade-ins appear, by simply inviting somebody by e-amil they can download our app and start inspecting.

The Template Builder gives us the flexibilty to copy existing inspection templates for certain asset types and tailor them to our needs or start from scratch and build it up ourselves.

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