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Fast growing company

As well-established and fast-growing company we’re delivering smart and simply inspection solutions for all kinds of companies within the Heavy Machinery branch. Customizing to the needs of the different types of customers, from Leasing companies and Banks for their auditing processes to Equipment Traders providing more and detailed information to potential buyers, without forcing them to travel and taking away doubts/concerns and be more transparent.

With our growing database of information we will keep improving our Machine Learning (ML) models and will we be able to suggest and recognize more and more towards the future. With all our labeled (checked/verified) data we’re able to recognize what is shown in the picture and start suggesting what kind of features/accessories there might be applicable/available on specifically that part of the equipment.


Our Mission and Vision

Blue Inspect, the worldwide data and solution provider for all kind of equipment

Blue Inspect is a data-driven solution provider with smart tools supporting you in keeping track of your assets, your equipment and/or vehicles. To make sure that your assets are present on the spot that you expect them to be and to give yourself insights in the condition of your assets.

We are proud that our tools like the Inspection App are used in more than 35 countries and in the coming years, we will expand further worldwide to a position where Blue Inspect is a knowledge center for its customers. We will achieve this by frequently sharing our knowledge, being close to our customers and by a superior working system. We are already focusing a lot on the application of machine learning and will continue to expand this further in the future. We at Blue Inspect believe that processes can be easier, faster and more efficient. An example of a current project is damage recognition on machines and vehicles from a photograph.

With our smart solutions we can add value to banking, leasing and insurance companies, to manufacturers of heavy equipment, their sales hubs and dealer organizations and to traders. By keeping track of the assets, we improve the financeability, we create an open trading environment, fasten processes and we mitigate risks for all parties involved.

Our ambition is to become a leading software tools supplier keeping track of assets.



Blue Inspect Protecting Information

We understand that Blue Inspects success is built on trust and confidence in the market. Maintaining a relationship of mutual trust, respect and dignity with all business partners is essential for the sustainability of our business. Blue Inspect respects the different cultures of each country and aims to comply with all the laws and regulations.

Blue Inspect can be trusted with data from our customers and stakeholders. We protect personal data, keep this confidential and keep it no longer than needed for the purpose that we obtained the data. Our customers will be informed and involved about the use of their data.

To maintaining the trust of customers, stakeholders and the society, Blue Inspect strongly promotes a culture of integrity and ethics. Our customers and other stakeholders can expect that all members of Blue Inspect show high ethical standards and act as a fair business partner. All of our employees have a 'VOG' which is the Dutch 'Certificate of Good Conduct' which is only given out by the government.

Security is for Blue Inspect one of the highest priorities, with international banks as clients, we have to keep up with the standard. Continuous attention for social engineering, phishing, cybersecurity, secure software development generic (OWASP top 10/SANS top and 25 vulnerabilities). Blue Inspect is successfully checked and audited multiple times by our customers.



Blue Inspect's Corporate Responsibility

To realize long-term relationships with our customers and partners, Blue Inspect believes sustainability is key. We are committed to support our customers and partners, respecting our planet’s limited resources through innovative solutions. With our digital tools we improve the impact of our customers on the environment.

With the Blue Inspect solutions, we hand our customers the solutions to actuallt reduce travel and save the environment. Clients using our Audit App or Remarketing App have decreased their CO2 footprint with up to 80% per year, this way contributing to a greener future.


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